TOUT CE [-‘sa]

Dining [Uns]-TablePhoto Credit: Cloé [F] Projects


Tout ce [-‘sa] - All of this [That]

What is That?

A list of Life. A series of moments. The imprint of our every second.
“Ça” or the fullness of the human heart.
“Ça” translated “that”. “Ça” and much more than that. “Ça” for the nothingness of being.
“Ça” or the complexity of the episodic existence that makes this act of being.
That: An exclamation of the body in a myriad of states.

Screaming or trying to say something when no one is listening.
From winning the day to losing face. Our loneliness.

The comfort of somebody’s arms.
The quest of loving and being loved.
Humming a loss.
We lust after life and death.
Hypocrites to our pains and sorrows.
Stillness in motion.

Where is the Joy? Joys of plenty. Joys of little.

I laugh at the cup being neither empty nor full.

Tout ce [- ‘sa]: that shit.
Did I say ‘shit’? Excuse my French.

[Cloé Fournier, Juin 2022]