Cloé [F] ProjectsPhoto Credit: Alex Apt


To inspire, challenge and nurture our ability to question the world we live in through choreographic performance works influenced by the NOW.

With this project-based venture, she develops multi-disciplinary performance works that are rooted in dance, flirt with theatre and incorporate visual arts while responding to our ever-expanding world of complex popular culture.

Cloé [F] Projects focuses on enabling collaboration processes across disciplines and cultures. It contextualises them within the current social, political and cultural environment.
With “Artivism” at the core of Cloé [F] Projects, creatives and performers from various disciplines and practices are gathered to work together and encouraged to build and share ideas that resonate with them and beyond.

Through research and experimentation, Cloé [F] Projects develops immersive and innovative performance works. Each work follows a narrative, a theatrical, visual and movement dramaturgy, all contributing to an original striking outcome in aesthetics.

Cloé [F] Projects aims at engaging with its audience through emotional and psychological edge in the context of solo performance and ensemble work in traditional theatre settings or site-specific locations.

We consider the potential in the hybridity between performer and audience to redefine the boundaries between the two and often manipulate the audience into becoming part of the performance itself.
We aim at pushing the limits of the expected theatrical settings to offer a new kind of experience for the audience.

Playing with experimental qualities, Cloé [F] Projects makes work that does not shy away from being raw, provocative and challenging.

Cloé [F] Projects aspires for risk-taking but honest productions that is relevant to the Now and connects people together through fraught subject matters.

Through the works, Cloé, together with cast and creatives, hopes to open a dialogue which draws from the past, to better understand the present and prepare the future.